8.1.1 In order for a contest official to register with the LHSAA, the official shall meet the following registration requirements in the sports of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, and wrestling:

1. Be a high school graduate or at least 21 years old.
2. Register through an LHSAA-sanctioned officials’ association.
3. Meet written registration requirements adopted by the Executive Committee.
4. Pay a registration fee to the LHSAA through his/her local officials’ association.
5. Attend an LHSAA pre-season sports-rule clinic.
6. Take and pass an LHSAA-administered sports-rules test.
7. Agree to follow and enforce LHSAA rules and regulations when serving as a contest official.
8. The LHSAA shall not allow a person to register with the LHSAA to officiate any athletic contest or event sponsored or sanctioned by the LHSAA if the official has been convicted of a felony under the laws of this state, any other state or the United States of America. The Executive Director may make an exception to this rule if the person desiring to register with the LHSAA as an official can show that there has been more than five years passed since his/her sentence has ended, and that he/she is rehabilitated and is currently of good moral character.

8.1.2 If a registered official is granted a one-year leave of absence by the LHSAA in an LHSAA sport and officiates in that same sport for another high school association during the year for which the leave was granted, his/her leave of absence shall be negated. If said official desires to register with an LHSAA-sanctioned officials’ association in the same sport the following season, he/she shall be reinstated as a “registered” official.

8.1.3 Officials who have met all registration requirements with the LHSAA shall be issued an officials’ identification card and shall be allowed to enter, at no charge, the LHSAA state championship event in the sport listed on the card upon presenting his/her official’s card and his/her driver’s license.

1. Official’s cards shall be honored for the cardholder only.
2. An official who allows his/her card to be misused shall be denied use of his/her card for one calendar year from the date of misuse. Cards are non-transferable.



8.3.1 Registered Officials

1. Must be registered with the LHSAA and a local association.
2. Must make 70% or above on the LHSAA test to work varsity games.
3. Must work at least 10 freshmen or junior varsity games before working varsity.
4. Shall not work past the first week of playoffs in any sport.

8.3.2 Certified Officials

1. Must be registered with the LHSAA and a local association a minimum of two (2) years.
2. Must have worked at least five (5) varsity contests the prior season.
3. Must attend 70% of the local association meetings in prior season.
4. Must make 85% or above on the LHSAA test.
5. Must attend a LHSOA sponsored camp or an approved continuing education workshop once every two years.



8.4.1 During regular season non-district, district, and playoff games schools shall be required to use the services of an LHSAA-sanctioned officials’ association of its choice in all sports. The choice of a particular officials’ association shall be left to the school. EXCEPTION: During the regular season, LHSAA wrestling officials’ associations may use out-of-state officials if the assignment secretary finds it necessary due to a lack of LHSAA certified officials. Any officials used from out of state shall be certified in their home state and members in good standing with their home state high school athletic association. The out-of-state officials must comply with Louisiana High School Athletic Association rules and regulations in all aspects.
8.4.2 After a school enters into a written agreement with an officials’ association in football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, wrestling and/or soccer it shall fulfill the agreement for the remainder of the sports season unless the association agrees in writing to cancel the contract.
8.4.3 A host/sponsoring school shall ensure contest officials’ security and welfare. It is highly recommended that the contest officials be paid before the contest or by Arbiter pay by the next business day.
8.4.4 A school shall not use any contest officials from an LHSAA-sanctioned or independent officials’ association in any sport that does not comply with LHSAA rules.
8.4.5 In emergency situations, if necessary, schools may mutually agree to use any available official; otherwise a school shall not be allowed to use an official who has a direct relationship with either team in the following ways:

1. Faculty member or coach of either school
2. Parent of a player or coach of either school
3. Brother or sister of a player or coach of either school
4. Graduate of either school within the past seven years
5. Husband or wife of a coach of either school

8.4.6 If an emergency situation exists, the assignment secretary shall notify both schools’ principal as soon as possible. If the principals are not available, the coaches shall be notified.
8.4.7 If both schools mutually agree to use the available officials, both coaches and the head referee shall sign a statement prior to the start of the contest which will be forwarded to the LHSAA by the referee.
8.4.8 If either school does not agree to use the available officials, the game must be rescheduled and played by mutual consent.
8.4.9 Except in emergency situations, in the sports of football and boys’ and girls’ basketball LHSAA schools shall not be allowed to use the services of any assignment secretary from any association to officiate in these sports in junior varsity and varsity contests. In the event a football or basketball assignment secretary officiates a contest at the varsity or junior varsity level in these sports for any reason, the home school shall not be allowed to pay him/her for his/her officiating services including travel fee.
8.4.10 If both schools mutually agree to play a contest in violation of any contest officiating rule(s), the results of the contest shall stand.

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