Gulf States Premier League


  • No guidelines are provided.  Follow USSF Law 4.  Teams must be distinguishable. 
  • Assumed the referee's judgment is final.

Game Report / Roster / Player Passes:

  • A maximum of twenty-six (26) players may be rostered on any NPL Team's NPL Roster.
  • A maximum of eighteen (18) players will be eligible for each game.  If more than eighteen (18) players appear on a NPL Roster, the "active" players must be identified on the NPL Game Report.
  • Game Report must be provided by the home team.
  • The GSPL Game Report must be completed in full, signed by both teams, and submitted by the referee to the GSPL Administrator within twenty-four (24) hours of completion of the GSPL Competition.
  • Younger registered players may play up on older NPL teams within their NPL club and shall not count towards the roster limit.  Their name must be handwritten on the NPL game report for that game (except at the U-13 level).
  • All staff personnel (coaches and team managers) are issued an NPL club pass.  
  • All registered players are issued a US Club Soccer player pass.  No player may participate without a player pass.

Substitution procedure:

  • There is a maximum of 7 substitutions in any half or in any overtime period.
  • Upon approval of the Referee, substitutions may be made at any stoppage.
  • Prior to the beginning of the each half, each team official is to hand the Referee or AR the starting 11 player passes for their respective team.  
  • Prior to entering the game, the player must hand his/her player pass to the Referee or AR.
  • The substituted player is NOT permitted to re-enter the game for the remaining half of play.  Once a player is substituted in one period of OT, they may not re-enter the game for the remainder of the OT period.
  • If a player is removed from a game and no substitute enters the game for the player (team plays short), the original player may re-enter the game. Entry shall be at a normal substitution point (with approval of the referee) or at any point during game if the referee signals for the player's re-entry.
  • The Referee or AR will return the player passes to the team's official at the end of the half.
  • All passes will be returned to the team representative at the end of the game.

Termination of Games

  • Referees may terminate games for lack of crowd control, poor team behavior or other unsportsmanlike circumstances. (Each coach is responsible for the behavior of his or her players. 
  • Each coach is responsible to assist the referees, when asked, in the control of parents, fans, and spectators).
  • The referee shall issue a written USSF Referee Supplemental Report for any game which is terminated to the Chairperson of the SRPL Discipline and Protest Committee within 48 hours of the time the game ends.

Red cards and dismissals

  • All player passes of red carded players will be returned to the team at the end of the game and a copy of the referee's report will be sent to the State Association Disciplinary Chairperson of the team and player involved by the Chairperson of the Discipline and Protest Committee.
  • A player is allowed to serve his or her suspension at the game on the team bench, provided he or she is not in uniform.

GSPL Referee Instructions Download